Posters & Art

Bismillah - We begin in the name of the one

Colorized Shining Heart Community logo

Poster - Wali Ali workshop 2003

Full frame image--

cropped art used for Jamiat Kas flyer

Rumi's Urs poster 2000

Photo for earlier fall camp poster

Rumi's Urs poster 2007

Spring Camp 2004

2006 Fall Camp- Batina & I were directors

Rumi's Urs poster 2004

Rumi's Urs special event 2006

Spring Camp 2008 with Marty

Original image from a photo shot in a lava tube in Craters of the Moon National Park

The Wazaif Project

The original images were from a 2008 project to illustrate the wazifas, the 99 names of God.