Off the path

…and out of the zone

Some plants I am growing that are NOT in our hardiness zone. Look at it as experiments in house plants—or getting ready for global warming.


Litchi chinensis


We bought the fruits at 888 market. I found instructions here.

To start with, clean the pulp off the seeds, plant in a pot with damp sand, put the pot in a bag that will seal, and put into a warm shady place. The seedlings will sprout in about two weeks. After some recipes with the fruit, I decided to skip growing this.


Citrus citrus x limon


I planted some seeds from a grocery lemon. As of September 2014 they are growing well, but slowly. It will depend on whether I can get a strong enough grow light to keep them going.

As of the end of January, still doing well, although Bear the cat feels like this pot is his mudroom bed.

By September 2015 the strongest of the plants is about 9 inches tall.



Ananas comosus


I'm going to try to start a pineapple from a PriceChopper fruit.


My instructions come from this site.


If you use tops make sure you remove all the fruit flesh. You should also remove all the small bottom leaves. Just pull them off. The same goes for suckers. If there are very small or dead leaves at the bottom pull them off. Let it dry out a day or two.


Just make a small hole in the ground or in a pot and stick your little pineapple in that. Push the soil back in and firm it around the base so the pineapple sits straight and doesn't fall over. If the soil is dry give it some water. Other sites say to start in a jar lid of water, this site is adamant against this.


And that's it. It'll grow.


As of January: A large number of leaves died in the first couple of months. At this point it looks alive, but it has not shown any signs of growth.


September 2015: All of the original leaves died, but after several months outside, it has started two "branches" and looks healthy.