Missouri Master Naturalist Service

To maintain an active status with MMN, I need to do 40 hours of volunteer service a year. This page shows the various activities I engage in.

MMN Home

August 13-Lakeside

Pollinator garden cleanup. 3 hr.


October 12-Chapter

1 hr.

October 13-Dunn Ranch

Seed collection. 11 hr.


October 26-Heartland Tree Alliance

Tree Planting-James A. Reed Park. 3 hr.

November 5-KC Wildlands

Seed collection at Jerry Smith Park. 3 hr.


December 14-Chapter

1 hr.

February 8-Chapter

1 hr.

February 16 & 17-MDC

Setup & Table at Urban Woodsman 7.5 hr.

March 8-Chapter

1 hr.

March 9-MDC

Crossing Missouri School Group 4 hr.

March 14-MDC

No Place Like Home School Group 4 hr.

March 15-MDC

Staying Alive School Group 4.5 hr.

April 12-Chapter

1 hr.

April 17-MDC

Compass & Archery Boy Scout event 2 hr.

April 21-MDC

Go Native event 5.5 hr.

April 26-MDC

Earth Day at Northview Elementary 7.5 hr.