I grew up with very little knowledge of where my Grandfather had come from. I knew he came from Arkansas to Springfield MO in the 1920's, but nothing more. So when came along I joined to see if I could find out more about him. From census forms and other records, the most plausible story I have been able to piece together is that his 18-year-old mother gave birth out of wedlock in 1890s Arkansas. She later married (in her mid-40s) a man 24 years her senior who was a lawyer in Springfield MO with family in northern Arkansas. I don't know whether he was Mark's birth father, marrying Margret after his wife passed away, or whether there was someone else in Arkansas who was the father. [There was a young man in the neighborhood (5-10 miles away) named Marcus Petrillo, and Marcus was not a family name among the Hinds/Bohannon family]


So in another culture my last name might have been Youngblood or Petrillo.


Once started on this exploration, this became an obsession of mine for several years. I took several trips to Northern Arkansas discovering gravestones, where original land grants were, even finding land that was granted to a distant ancestor for service in the war of 1812.