2015 Garden Plans

Back Yard

I will put cabbage/michihili, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and cape gooseberries back here. If I find peanut seed it will go back here as well.


9607 Yard

I will be planting areas of sorghum,  corn, and sesame here.



This area will be planted in Castor Bean, Sunflower, and Lavender. Grow dill and summer savory in area around holly.


Front walk

Purple amaranth on the inside, cleome on the outside of the walk. Gladiolus and surprise lillies closer to the door


Front Square

Brick edging added before planting Azureus blue, flags, iris, surprise lillies, and Oregano.


Side Hill

The spicy hill, with horseradish, garlic, and onion returning from last year.


Garden Path

The 7' tall, hibiscus relative, Jimmy T Okra will go along both sides.


Garden Yard

Raised Triangles and Square are done. Two of the ground level triangles still need to be lined with brick before planting a large group of seeds. Row for scarlet runner is dug, planted now with garden peas. The row for anasazi beans needs to be dug. Inside walkways need to be bricked. Additional fence needs to be bought.