Garden Plants 2016

What I am planning on planting as of 2/11/16. It may change as the season progresses.



Capsicum frutescens


Tabasco pepper produces medium thin flesh pods that measure 1 to 1.25 inches long by 0.25 to 0.375 inches wide and a plant that grows up to 42 inches tall. Very Late Season maturing over 90 days after transplanting.  Started inside 3/8. 3/20-50% germination-replant outside 5/6 Results. SS

Pepper-Leutschauer Paprika

Capsicum annum


This hot pepper variety originally came from Leutschau, Slovakia and was taken to Matrafured, Hungary in the late 1800's.  Fruits are 2-3 inches long and 1 1/4 inches wide. This variety is perfect for making your own dried paprika. 85 days. Started inside 3/8. 3/20-50% germination-replant outside, 5/7  Results. BC

Pepper-NM Heritage 6-4

Capsicum annum


It is more flavorful than the mass produced chile peppers used in the commercial processing industry today.  Each thick walled pod will reach up to 5 to 8 inches in length. 85 days. Started inside 3/1 Sprouts 3/8-3-14. 100% germination. outside 5/6. Results.  RH

Pepper-Chinese Giant

Capsicum annuum


Large nearly square bell fruits measure 6" by 4" with thick walls. Sweet, mild flesh starts as dark green and matures to bright cherry-red, early producer. 90 days. Started inside 3/1. Sprouts 3/12-3/20-60% germination-replant outside 5/7 . Results. SS


Capsicum annum


An African-American heirloom, pre-1947 variety that was used in fish and shellfish cookery. What really makes this pepper stand out is its wonderful foliage. 80 days. Started inside 3/1. Sprouts 3/13-3/17 80% germ. fill plant 3/20 3 plants survive Outside 5/6 Results. SS

Great story here

Pepper-Corabasi & Thai Red

Capsicum annum


Thin curled turkish pepper and Red chili.  Growing out two plants of each to check saved seeds. 90 days to harvest. Started inside 3/1. Thai sprouts 3/8-3/12 100%  Corbasi sprouts 3/13- 33% germ. replant 3/20. 2 corbasi-3 thai. Outside 5/6 . Results. Saved


Tomato-Pantano Romanesco

Solanum lycopersicum


Pantanto Romanesco is a contender for the Platonic Ideal of what a red tomato should look like. The flavor is quite nice, acidic and sweet, making it perfect for fresh eating and a very nice cooking tomato. 90 days. Planted 3/17. Started sprounting 3/20. Outside 5/6. Results. BC

Tomato-Black Krim

Solanum lycopersicum


This variety was found by Lars Olov Rosenstrom of Bromma, Sweden while he was in Krim, Russia. It is also known as 'Black Crimea' Tomato. Pick when first changing color and allow to mature inside. 90 days. Planted 3/17. Started sprounting 3/20. Outside 5/6. Results.  BC

Tomato-Cherokee Purple

Solanum lycopersicum


Author, plant breeder, and SSE member Craig Le'Houllier of North Carolina introduced this variety in 1991. He had obtained the original seed from J.D. Green of Tennessee. 90 days. Planted 3/17. Outside 5/6. Results. SS

Bean-Tongues of Fire

Phasoleus vulgaris


Reputedly originated in Tierra del Fuego in South America, but extremely popular in Italy, where cooks like the beans’ subtle characteristic of picking up other flavors from a dish. Bush-type plants yield pods of white with flame-like red streaks. 70 days. Planted. 5/1.  Results.   BC


Phasoleus vulgaris


Here is a priceless heirloom that's one of the varieties that kicked off the heirloom movement. Its dramatic appearance of white heavily mottled in maroon is similar to that of Jacob's Cattle bean, but its history is entirely distinct, having been cultivated in the Four Corners region of the Southwest United States. 86 days. Planted 4/30. Results.  RH

Bean-Ireland Creek

Phasoleus vulgaris


Old seeds, rying to grow out for Seed Savers. Planted 5/1. Results. SS

Bean-Scarlet Runner

Phasoleus coccineus


Used by native Americans, vines grow over 10’. Flowers are very ornamental. Good for snap, shell or dry beans. The huge seeds are very colorful, violet-purple mottled in black. These beans like fairly cool weather. 80 days. Days to harvest. Planted 4/30. Results. SS

Lima Bean-Fordhook

Phasoleus lunatus


An AAS winner more than 60 years ago and still the standard for lima beans. Early bearing and delicious, this is the best large-seeded variety. Requires at least 65° soil temp to germinate. 85 days. Planted 5/3. Results. SS


Glycine max


Typically used at the green shell stage as "edemame beans" other uses include green and dry cooking, flour, soy milk, tofu, soy sauce, and miso. 90 days. Planted 5/2. NO germiantion. SS


Cucumis sativus


A very popular German variety. Fruits are about 10” long and a lovely pale – almost lime – green covered with tiny warts. Can be used as a fine slicer or a very large pickler. 60 days. Planted 5/3. Small, sickly. Replanted 6/1.   BC

Cucumber, Boston Pickling

Cucumis sativus


Boston Picking Cucumber is a very old (first documented in 1877) reliable pickling cucumber.  It produces heavy yields of small 6" cucumbers downright perfect for pickling.  60 days. Not planted this year.  BC

Leek-American Flag

Allium ampeloprasum


American Flag has thick blue-green leaves with large white stems. This variety is good for fall and winter harvesting. Biennial. 130 days. Planted 3/18. As of 5/8, spindly green hairs. Results. SS


Abelmoschus esculentus


Jimmy T variety. Soaking seed a few days will improve germination. Direct seed in early may. Harvest pods daily.. 65 days. Saved

Cape Gooseberry

Physalis peruviana


The cape gooseberry is native to Brazil and was grown in England by 1774. It was cultivated by settlers at the Cape of Good Hope before 1807. The delicious yellow-orange fruit grow inside paper-like husks that are easy to peel. Days to harvest. Planted 3/19 . Two survive 5/1. Outside  . Results. SS

Sorghum-Black Amber

Sorghum bicolor


The plants grow eight to twelve feet in height at maturity developing beautiful, rich, shiny, black-coated seeds. Not as much "broom" as normal broom corn. 110 days. Could not find seeds when planting time came SS

 Sweet potato

 Ipomoea batatas


Did well last year. restarted from dug tubers. Started 1/21. Some kind of leaf rash developed 3/1. 3/23 trying to start more. 1st batch dying. Possible fungal.  3 survived. Got purple spouts at plant swap. Transplanted. Results. Saved

Mo Botanical Garden info


 Solanum tuberosum


Started from sprouting grocery store spud. Plant early, harvest late. Started 2/1.  Transplanted 3/16. Results. from grocery tuber

Peanut-Carwile's Virginia

 Arachis hypogaea


Family heirloom from SW Virginia since 1910. Grown by Frank Carwile for over 75 years since he was given this peanut by a traveler when he was 8 years old.  120 days. Planted 4/7.  Outside 5/8. Results. SESE


Sunflower-Evening Sun

Helianthus annus


This beautiful variety has medium-large blooms in shades of burgundy, rust, bronze, bright yellow and crimson, with many being bicolored. The 7' plants produce many flowers over a long season. 100 days. When planted. Results. BC

Sweet Pea-Azureus Blue

Lathyrus sativus azureus


Brilliant azure-blue flowers about 1 inch across, borne on semi-trailing or bush plants reaching about 2 feet in height. This Chinese native tolerates heat much better than ordinary sweet peas. Plant in early spring. Planted 3/1. Sprouts 3/5 - 3/8. Outside 3/11. Blooming mid May. BC

Castor Bean-Mixed colors

Ricinus communis


Three smaller plants seeded last year. The two large ones were just starting to seed when the freeze came, so this year I started indoors 2/4.  All starts leggy and weak. In ground  . Results. Saved

Zinnia-Berry Basket Mix

Zinnia elegans


Densely-petaled, fully double flowers in lovely shades of raspberry, grape, rose-pink and violet are a custom blend of premium zinnias chosen for superb garden performance in tough summer conditions. Planted 4/25. Fine until moved outside. SS

Celosia-Forest Fire

Celosia plumosa


Vivid bright scarlet flower heads really are reminiscent of flame! This plume-type Celosia makes enormous blooms that fairly cover the entire top portion of each 30” plant.  Planted 4/25. Outside 5/15. Hanging on 6/20 .  Results. SS

Chinese Lantern

Physalis alkekengi


Start them indoors in late winter or early spring. They need light in order to germinate, so lay them on top of the soil and place the pot in an area with bright but indirect light and temperatures between 70 and 75 F. (21-14 C.). Have patience with this plant, as it takes as long as a month for seedlings to emerge. Planted 3/19. 4 surviving. Outside 5/15.  Much predation on leaves  . Results. SS

Surprise Lillies

Lycoris squamigera


Dug from front of 9607 yard. Spread and put in front garden and along front walk. Planted 3-18-15. Coming up 2-11-16 Saved

Lavender, Hidcote & Munstead

Lavendula angustifolia


Did not sprout last year-trying again.  Be patient; seeds can sometimes take a month to germinate. This year both are sprouting. Did OK until moved outside. PS 2 years old

Dutch Iris

Iris x hollandica 'Miss Saigon'


Planted in the front square next to the flags and surprise lillies Small sprouts before dying back. Waiting to see if it comes back this year before buying other bulbs. Did not come back. Got 3 bulbs at plant swap. Planted  .  SS


Caladium bicolor


Trying again this year, misplaced bulbs (mistook them for dried ginger and threw out (except for one, which came up after putting in terrace. New bulbs never sprouted. REMEMBER TO LABLE EVERYTHING WM

Mo Botanical Garden info


Nigella damascena


Dates back to english gardens of the 1570s 4/15 outside. Doing rather well. Will replant for spring. Did not survive. Saved

Mo Botanical Garden info


Cleome hassleriana


A gift from Leila. Grew well, and a prolific reseeder. Will plant along outside of front walk . Planted 3/22/16. Covered seed, thinking amaranth was the one that needed light to germinate. Slowly coming up. Saved

Mo Botanical Garden info

Ostrich Fern (Tennesee)

Matteuccia struthiopteris


Shaded area of center yard. Planted 3/23. As of 4/30 did not come up Finally showed up mid June, but not thriving. Will see if it returns. WM

Mo Botanical Garden info

Cypress Vine

Ipomoea quamoclit


This tropical vine is an annual. It is easily grown in average, medium moisture, well-drained soils in full sun. It will tolerate some dry conditions, but grows best with consistently moist soils. Planning on planting on west fence. 3/2, and 3/19. Transplanted 4/30. Outside planting 5/3.Saved

Mo Botanical Garden info


Amaranthus cruentus


Hopi Red dye variety From Leila. Will plant along inside of front walk. Planted 3/22/16 Seeds not covered. Starting to show 5/3. Results. Saved


Ilex × meserveae China Twins


 Male and female plants together, planted at the corner where the sidewalk starts from Heartland nursery

Mo Botanical Garden info

Witch Hazel

Hamamelis virginiana


10 plants from MDC.Sun to part shade. Planted along the length of the downed tree in the front yard. Doing well


Antirrhinum majus


Tiny flowers on leggy plants last year. will try getting them in a sunnier spot with looser soil and see if they do better.

Cardinal Climber

Ipomoea x multifida


2 seeds from MBG will try to grow out for more seed this year, possibly in 07 yard to prevent crossing with Cypress Vine.  Planted 2/21. Both sprouted. Weak from whatever leaf spot took the early sweet potato. Got seeds from SS to replace MBG

Mo Botanical Garden info

MBG Mystery



Description. Days to harvest. Seeds started 2/21 1 sprout. Results. MBG

MBG Mystery Red Fruit



Planted 2/21 no sprouts. MBG

Gladiolus Pastel Mix

Gladiolus communis


3/10 16 bulbs along front walk. Maybe too early, two freezing nights after that. Dig before last frost. Dry like sweet potatoes then store at 35-45° until spring. WM


Cinnamon Fern

Osmundastrum cinnamomeum


3/10 3 roots in shade garden. All up 5/1. WM

Toad Lily Blue Wonder

Tricyrtis maculata


3/10 2 bulbs in shade garden. No sprouts. Replaced 5/1 with more. Also did not sprout. WM

More info

Caladium Buck

Caladium bicolor


3/10 6 bulbs in shade garden. Planted 3/10, possibly too early, got two freezing days afterward. When temp drops below 60° dig and dry out store in warm 60°+ area till spring. Replaced 5/1. No sprouts WM


Summer Savory

Saturaja hortensis


Gave most of last year's crop to Esther. Need to grow some for us. Plant in garden when frost danger is past. 80 days. Planted in pot outside 4/30. Results. BC

Dill, Dukat

Anethum graveolens


For the pickling. Need more than 6 plants like last year. Maybe around holly? Started inside 4/25. Will transplant with more seeds sown. Results. BC


Rosmarinus officinalis


Still alive in container 2/12. Dead by 3/15. PS

Basil, Mammoth

Ocimum basilicum


Try in something other than concrete planter. Container should be fine. Started inside 4/25. terrible germination. results SESE

Sage, Broadleaf

Salvia officinalis


Overwintered fron last year. Will be planting leeks around it. flowering by 5/1. results. BC


Borago officinalis


Seed left from 2013. Needs to be grown out. Good companion plant for tomato. Planted outside 5/5 BC


Armoracia rusticana


Centerpiece of the savory circle and in pots at the beginning of sidewalk. Waiting to see how it comes back. Fingers crossed. results. The one at the end of the walk is blooming this year. Savory Circle is coming back slowly. HV


Allium Cepa


Outer ring of the savory circle. Planted 3/22. Doubled in size before drying back in June, but still small. Let them overwinter under leaves. We'll see.PS


Allium Cepa


Red de Florence variety. Planted 3/18. No survivors..SS


Dysphania ambrosioides


Use the leaves fresh or dried in corn, beans and sauces. May reduce flatulence. A strong tea rubbed on the skin reduces irritation from insect bites. Planted 4/25. Results SESE




Cool-season vegetables

Radish Daikon Minowase

Raphanus Sativus


Plant in fall. A staple of Japanese and Korean cuisine, daikon radishes are unbelievably fast-growing even in the cool, shortening days of fall —and are an excellent, underappreciated root for the winter kitchen. 45-60 days. When planted. Results.  BC

Pea- Little Marvel

Allium Cepa


Vigorous bush plants, heavy yields and fine-flavored peas. A great home garden variety. An heirloom from 1908. 60 days. Planted 4/1. . Results. SS

Cabbage-Late Flat Dutch

Brassica oleracea var. capitata


Introduced here in the US around the 1860s. Late Flat Dutch is big cabbage, it is a good keeper and the standard late season variety. 90-105 days. When planted. Results. SS


Brassica oleracea var. botrytis


Plant in fall. Description. Days to harvest. Trying for early spring with one batch started 2/12. Transplanted 3 plants 3/10. One survived till May. Will try more in fall. Results.  BC

Lettuce-Laitue Lorthois

Lactuca Sativa


Plant in fall. Plant produces flavorful medium size heads of butterhead lettuce. Leaves are very flavorful with buttery texture. Excellent for salads and garnishes. 70 days. When planted. Results. SS

Chinese Cabbage-Michihili

Brassica rapa s. pekinensis


Plant in fall. Hardy biennial. 'Michihili' is a softer, loose leaf form of Chinese Cabbage. It has dense, narrow leaves with a deeper green outer colour with lighter green to almost white interior leaves with wide, flat white ribs. Frost or light freeze will improve flavor. 55 to 100 days. When planted. Results. SS

Mustard-Mizuna Kyona

Brassica rapa nipposenica


Plant in fall. Grows as a large rosette of finely serrated, feathery leaves, which are dark, glossy green, similar to rocket leaves. A very hardy plant, being both heat and cold tolerant, it usually grows better in moist conditions.

The flavour is fresh but not overpowering and a characteristic peppery-cabbage flavour. 50-60 days. When planted. Results.  SS

Mustard Greens-Tatsoi

Brassica rapa var. rosularis


Leaves form a compact, thick rosette. Long harvest period. Mild flavor for salads, stir-fries, etc. Plant after last frost date, it bolts when cold. 45 days. Started small batch inside 2/12 Outside via seed 3/28. Results. SS

Vegetable seed saved but not planted


Tomato-Bulgarian Triumph SS

Tomato-Mortgage Lifter SS

Pepper-Serrano Saved

Pepper-Jalapeno Saved

Pepper-Bell Saved

Sunflower-Giant White Saved

Celery-Tendercrisp BC

Lettuce-Buttercrunch BC

Beet-cylinra BC

Beet-Earlt Wonder BC

Carrot-Little Finger BC

Carrot-Tendersweet BC

Radish-German Giant BC

Okra-Purple LH

Okra-Clemson Spineless LH

Okra-Purple LH

Bean-Royal Burgandy BC

Squash-Butternut Saved

Squash-Acorn Saved

Long Pie Pumpkin Saved

Tomato-AR Traveler Saved

Tomato-Beefsteak Saved

Tomato-yellow Saved

Ground Cherry Saved

Cucumber-Spacemaster Saved

Cowpeas-Ozark Razorback Savd

Purple Long Beans LH

Rattlesnake Beans RG

Pea-Oregon Sugar Pea Saved

Watermelon-Chris Cross Saved

Cataloupe-Kandy Saved

Cantaloupe-Green Nutmeg Savd

Aji Limon Pepper-SS

2017 Wish List

Amarillo carrot


Emmer wheat

White Sonora wheat

Jersey Giant tomato

Violet Jasper tomato

Petunia, Lilac Pompom

Petunia, Mother of Pearl

Primrose, Evening




NuMex Suave Red Pepper(Mild Habenero)

Prik Chee Fa Pepper

(milder thai pepper)


Late arrivals-gifts from Dayna/From plant exchange

Pak Choi

Brassica rapa ssp. chinensis


A type of Chinese cabbage. The name is from Cantonese and means "White Vegetable."  Planted 4/2. Bolted early, many seeds saved.  BC


Eruca sativa


A pungent, leafy green vegetable resembling a longer-leaved and open lettuce, Eruca sativa is rich in vitamin C and potassium. In addition to the leaves, the flowers, young seed pods and mature seeds are all edible. Planted 4/2. Seeds saved. SS

French Sorrel

Rumex scutatus


The flavour of French sorrel is slightly bitter or tangy, spiced with a hint of lemon; the sharp flavour is due to oxalic acid. Planted 4/2. Results. SS


Canna (coccinea ?)


4' to 8' plants with red flowers. Will plant by mudroom window. SS