June Zoo visit

I had thought that with my retirement in April that these travel pages would get smaller because of budgetary retraints. So far that hasn't been the case.


 In mid June I found enough time to spend an afternoon at the KC zoo.


The strong early summer was great for saturated color photos.

Go East, Old Man, Part 4

In June, we traveled to the east coast to attend Derek's wedding to Amelia in Brooklyn.


On the way, we stopped in Charleston, WV to visit Nura Jo; and Stroudsberg, PA to visit Bob Bickle.


After the wedding, we went in to New England to visit Joan in Providence, RI; Anna Azima and Jim in Boston and Stefanie Nur on the Cape Anne peninsula in MA.

July Zoo Visit

In July, Batina and I went to the zoo together.


We left early Wednesday for the State Fair, getting there just a few minutes too late for the knitting competition (Batina could have won!) It was a fun day seeing rabbits, eating beef and pork, buying closeout priced heirloom seeds, listening to bluegrass and seeing champion llamas.


We drove on to Rose Grotjean's home outside of Jamestown MO. We enjoyed her lovely home and wonderful hospitality.


We then went on to St. Louis to enjoy playing with the grandchildren Thursday afternoon and Friday morning.

2014 Missouri State Fair