2 trips to the east, and an early hike at Lake Jacomo

A county lake (JAckson COunty MO) is about 20 minutes from our house. We went over in early April for a hike.


At one point the trail went though a small rock chimney.


There was some excitement when a black snake went rustling by.

April hike at Lake Jacomo

Our first trip east in June took us to Esther's; Bob Bickle's daughter's wedding; and through the Delaware Water Gap to New Jersey, where we met up with Derek to go prospecting for fluorescent minerals.


On the way back we stopped in the Philadelphia area to visit Eastern, Batina's alma mater. We toured Longwood Gardens in Philly and collected fern fossils in St. Clair, PA along with going to another fossil site that was picked clean. We then went to upstate NY to spend an afternoon with "my friend Linda"—Batina's friend from Eastern.


We went to the area of WV that my Coger relatives were from before going to the Serpent Mound, St. Louis and home.


Go East, part 1

Our first trip east in June skipped a couple of Batina's brothers, so we went out in July to make up that lack.


We went to Martin's Ferry OH to visit Phil and the church and parsonage that Batina had lived in growing up.


We went from there to Pittsburgh to visit the Carnegie museum, then swing north, going to the Indiana Dunes and on to Chicago.


In Chicago, we went with brother Dave to the Zoo. The following days we went to the Field Museum and the Shedd Aquarium


Go East, part 2