JD's Graduation

JD Graduated from Johns Hopkins in May and we went to DC to be present for this. He gave us a great tour of the Smithsonian the day before the graduation. We met Carolivia at the National Zoo, attended the graduation and had dinner with the family

A busy July

We went with a Sufi contingent to Powell Gardens on the 4th for their fireworks display. The next week we went back to the 11 Point River and I went to take some shots of downtown from Lewis and Clark park. At the end of the month Batina went on a vision quest at Elemental Earth Camp.

A road trip in late October took us to the Colorado Sand Dunes, Mesa Verde, the Painted Desert, the Grand Canyon, Sedona, the Petrified Forest, and Albuquerque to visit Richard.

To the Southwest in October

There was an ice storm in late November that left some beauty behind. We visited with Alimah at her home for the last time and said goodbye to Aunt Frances. The boys visited us for Christmas and we went to Springfield to see my nephews.

The rest of the year